Senior Web Developer

Location: Burlington, Vermont, United States


Requisition Number: 743

Position Title: Sr. Web Developer

External Description:

The Breakdown:

A Senior Web Developer at Burton takes our brand to the web, to give customers in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific information about our gear, sell our product online, share news about our company and its mission, and evangelize the sport and our lifestyle.

We are an in-house development team that builds and maintains for a global group of stakeholders, as well as a small portfolio of other sites for specific business needs. We work with web designers, user experience experts, project managers, and other developers to collaborate, plan, develop and deploy bleeding edge web applications. We are digitally transforming our business in many areas, and our team has the mission to bring our digital business to the customer, meeting them where they are, whoever they are, and being responsive to their needs every time they engage with us.

On the server side is built with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform. If you have SFCC experience, our site uses a version of the SGJC reference application now, but our goal is to orient our architecture around SFRA. We also have some OCAPI integrations. We integrate SFCC with a number of vendors and their systems, as well as several other Salesforce clouds.

On the client side we use a combination of ISML templates and a React app for the PLP and PDP pages, but our goal is to migrate to Vue as a way to both make some simple progressive enhacement to ISML templates, as well as enable fully realized SPAs for specific needs. We have a vibrant, active brand with a wide variety of product types, and we always aim for a premium experience grounded in clean, modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Both server- and client-side work require a high level of Javascript proficiency with objects and prototypes, inheritance and dependencies, scopes and modules. We integrate many Node modules for a wide variety of things, as well. We run a continuous integration system through Jenkins to package and deploy the code to SFCC servers.

We are not afraid to innovate to serve the business, and we believe in continuous incremental improvement.  We are looking for candidates that know how to build on the good and refactor the bad in a large codebase, as well as create new functionality per business needs.  Our projects are guided by what our customers need, so a user-centric development mindset is a must.

Because we are an in-house technical resource, we encourage candidates who are comfortable talking and writing about what they do, both to technical and non-technical collaborators. is a hub for a large number of business functions, so we need to be able to talk to people in those functional groups about what they need, and we have a customer-centric mindset with our internal teammates and business partners as well as with our customers.

What You Get To Do:

  • Along with the Technical Lead, maximize our use of existing technologies and lead the discovery and implementation of new techniques for frontend development
  • Work closely with the web design group and the user experience group to translate their ideas into interactive experiences
  • Help team members with code problems and give advice on techniques and best practices informed by experience, aligned with agreed upon team standards.
  • Work with the QA team and the Technical Lead to identify potential problems, bottlenecks, or refactorings, and lead remediation efforts when needed
  • Write server-side Javascript and other Commerce Cloud technologies to support business functions and site operations on
  • Integrate SFCC with external systems using vendor-supplied cartridges, external REST APIs, and other techniques
  • Use advanced, modern HTML, CSS and Javascript in modern browsers to render pages for the user, conforming to our style guide and established user experience patterns
  • Present engaging user interfaces to people on a variety of devices with responsive design
  • Use git for change control and collaboration
  • Talk about functionality, requirements and technical solutions to stakeholders, teammates, managers, and external partners, via team chat, Jira issues, Zoom meetings, and in person
  • Work as a team with people from other departments as well as the other members of our team internally to help the business accomplish its web goals

What You’ll Bring to the Team:

  • 6+ years of experience
  • Experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud or a similarly full-featured ecommerce platform
  • Experience with Vue.js or React, or a similarly featured frontend platform
  • Solid, modern HTML/CSS is a given for everything we do
  • High level of vanilla Javascript proficiency, with knowledge of modern ECMAScript standards and development patterns
  • Web tooling like Webpack, SASS
  • Distributed version control like Git
  • Experience in a server-side environment like Java, .NET, Python or Node
  • Design and user experience collaboration experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A proven team player
  • Responsive design implementation experience

Non-required but useful skills

  • Systems integration experience
  • Relational database and SQL experience
  • Expertise integrating customer/user experiences with large enterprise backend systems like SAP or Infor
  • Salesforce multi-cloud implementation experience



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At Burton, we are a purpose-led brand rooted in snowboarding and the outdoors. We fight for the future of our people, planet, and sport. We aim to maximize our positive social impact and minimize our negative environmental impact while delivering high-quality performance products. 


As a global leader in snowboarding, we’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion for the long-term health of our company, sport, and community. Through these efforts, we aim to make snowboarding and the outdoors accessible to all.

Location_formattedLocationLong: Burlington, Vermont US

CountryEEOText_Description: The Burton community believes in respect for all people and the planet. We embrace and strive for a community that values differences and stands for equality and the fight to get there. Regardless of how you identify, how the world sees you, or how you play outside, please feel welcome to apply and join our community.

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